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Chemical Manufacturing Company

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About Client

Based in Jamnagar, Gujrat, India this company is a market-leading producer and supplier of high-quality, reasonably priced performance chemicals, including fuel additives, air and fuel system maintenance kits, engine degreasers, and tire sealants. The business, which has more than a century of experience in the local and global markets, is constantly extending its reach to meet the demands of professional mechanics, consumers of automotive chemicals, and automobile consumers.

The client hired Hype Origin Marketing Agency to manage its online presence, increase site traffic, and boost its position in search engine results worldwide. Since taking over the company’s online marketing strategy in the year 2019, Hype Origin has assisted the business in achieving 68 first-page keyword results for monitored search phrases and increasing its conversion rate from about 10 lead conversions per month to an average of 40 conversions per month.

The Challenges

The customer contacted Hype Origin since they didn’t know what to anticipate from digital marketing. The business has previously engaged in offline marketing, such as radio commercials and sponsorships of sporting events, but it had no prior experience with online marketing. We conducted a thorough conversion rate optimization (CRO) audit on the client’s website and discovered the following significant problems:

In order to increase its social media presence and attract young people, the business also needs assistance with social media marketing.

The Solution

Hype Origin digital marketing professionals implemented an online marketing strategy centered on four key areas: website optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC marketing, and organic social media marketing to address the client’s website issues and improve its brand visibility and online conversions.

Web Design and Development

To take full advantage of the platform’s online potential, Hype Origin web design and development experts focused on upgrading the site’s look and functionality. To give the client a wide range of possibilities, we first produced eight design mock-ups. Following approval of the new website design, we set up the following website features:

Our web development team performed quality assurance and cross-browser/platform testing to ensure all site elements were working properly.

Search Engine Optimization

To decide the direction of our SEO campaign, we performed a backlink profile analysis, a site speed audit, a technical SEO audit, a metadata review, and a Google Analytics audit. We initiated an SEO strategy with the following objectives after acquiring and examining the audit reports:

To attract fast traffic and conversions to the website, we selected long-tail keywords with a decent amount of search volume, such as “carburetor cleaner,” “fuel additive,” “fuel stabilizer,” and “brake cleaner.” As soon as we began to see results, we broadened our content approach to include more highly competitive, high-volume keywords. The SEO team at Thrive made the most of outreach to find more chances for blog writing.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Google Ads campaigns are built by our PPC experts to increase the business’s online visibility. In order to target particular market segments and find extra quick-win possibilities, we reviewed the client’s items and keywords.

The main objective was to increase impressions and internet exposure while also directing visitors towards the client’s preferred demographic. To gradually boost impressions and traffic, we periodically evaluated and analysed the Google Ads campaign data, controlled the negative keyword lists, produced distinctive, attention-grabbing ad copy and landing pages, and changed the keyword lists and bidding strategies as necessary.

Social Media Marketing

In order to reach audience segments most likely to use and be interested in the client’s products, Hype Origin create social media marketing campaign focused on increasing the client’s brand engagement and introducing more strategic content. Involved in our social media advertising campaign were:

We’ve needed to be more forward-thinking in planning out the social media content and schedule to get ahead of industry trends and events and acquire new customers for the brand.

The Achievement

Even during the pandemic, the business has experienced substantial organic traffic growth since partnering with Hype Origin. From only 9,016 total sessions in January 2015, we were able to generate a record-high 63,299 total sessions by the end of 2019.

One of the main sources of traffic to the client’s website is its blog, which we optimize and promote across social media platforms.


Chemical Manufacturing Company


09 March 2019




Gujrat, India

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Chemical Manufacturing Company

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In order to respond to algorithm changes and provide profitable results for our clients, we are constantly enhancing our keyword research and mapping method. Our objective is to make sure that our digital marketing partner achieves continuous, long-term success.

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Social Media Marketing

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The Hype Origin helped us attract more leads and increased our website traffic. Very satisfied with the results.

    Emelie Brookes
    Emelie Brookes


    The web design and development team worked collaboratively to create a beautiful website. Highly recommended!

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      Their research of what relevant keywords are most advantageous to target a particular market or location is great

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        CEO Brand

        After struggling for years to get our website noticed by search engines, we decided to try an SEO service. It was the best decision we ever made!

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