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Orthodontic Practice Group

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we will explore the success story of an Orthodontic Practice Group based in Jamshedpur, India, as they partnered with Hype Origin for their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign. By leveraging Hype Origin’s expertise and effective PPC strategies, the Orthodontic Practice Group aimed to enhance their online presence, drive targeted traffic to its website, and generate more leads for their orthodontic services.

The Challenges

OrthoCare faced several challenges in its digital marketing efforts:

  • Limited Online Visibility: The Orthodontic Practice Group had difficulty reaching its target audience through organic search results, resulting in low website traffic and fewer inquiries for their services.

  • Competition: The orthodontic industry in Jamshedpur is highly competitive, making it challenging to stand out and attract new patients.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization: OrthoCare needed assistance in improving their website’s conversion rate to maximize the return on their PPC investment.

To overcome these challenges, OrthoCare sought the expertise of Hype Origin, a renowned digital marketing agency specializing in PPC campaigns.

The Strategy

Hype Origin developed a comprehensive PPC strategy tailored to OrthoCare’s specific needs:

Keyword Research and Campaign Setup:

  • Conducted thorough keyword research to identify relevant and high-converting keywords related to orthodontic services in Jamshedpur.

  • Created targeted PPC campaigns with compelling ad copy and optimized landing pages to drive qualified traffic to OrthoCare’s website.

Ongoing Optimization and Performance Tracking:

  • Monitored and optimized the PPC campaigns regularly to improve ad relevancy, click-through rates (CTR), and overall campaign performance.

  • Implemented conversion tracking and analysis to measure the effectiveness of the PPC campaigns in generating leads and conversions.

The Achievement

The implementation of the PPC strategy by Hype Origin yielded impressive results for OrthoCare:

Increased Website Traffic and CTR:

  • Significant Traffic Growth: OrthoCare experienced a remarkable 120% increase in website traffic within the first three months of the PPC campaign.

  • Improved CTR: The click-through rate (CTR) of the PPC ads averaged 10%, indicating a strong appeal to the target audience.

Enhanced Conversion Rate and Lead Generation:

  • Higher Conversion Rate: With optimized landing pages and improved ad relevancy, OrthoCare achieved a 30% increase in the conversion rate of website visitors to leads.

  • Increased Lead Generation: The PPC campaign generated a consistent stream of high-quality leads for OrthoCare, resulting in a boost in patient inquiries and appointments.

Improved User Experience and Content Relevance:

  • Reduced Bounce Rate: Hype Origin’s optimization efforts led to a 25% reduction in the website’s bounce rate, indicating improved user engagement and a higher likelihood of conversion.

  • Relevant and Compelling Ad Copy: The PPC ads created by Hype Origin effectively conveyed OrthoCare’s unique value propositions, leading to increased ad engagement and click-throughs.




08 Feb 2022


Orthodontic Practice Group


Jamshedpur, India

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Orthodontic Practice Group

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Through the strategic implementation of PPC campaigns by Hype Origin, OrthoCare witnessed substantial growth in website traffic, improved CTR, increased lead generation, and enhanced user experience. The targeted approach to keyword selection, compelling ad copy, and optimized landing pages played a significant role in the campaign’s success. OrthoCare’s partnership with Hype Origin enabled them to outshine competitors, attract more patients, and drive business growth in the orthodontic industry in Jamshedpur.

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The Hype Origin helped us attract more leads and increased our website traffic. Very satisfied with the results.

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    The web design and development team worked collaboratively to create a beautiful website. Highly recommended!

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      Their research of what relevant keywords are most advantageous to target a particular market or location is great

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        After struggling for years to get our website noticed by search engines, we decided to try an SEO service. It was the best decision we ever made!

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